Funnel Franchise System Review

Who else wants – an already built and hosted ‘Done For You’ Sales Funnel system?

As the creator, Mark Wightley, put it – “Hello it’s Mark Wightley here, today I want do a video review of a system I have that I am happy for you guys to have free access to. It’s called the Funnel Franchise system. It is a step-by-step Training system & Auto Funnel system. You literally get everything you need to start to build an online business & actually see results”.

You have the ability to learn from Mark Wightley (earned $1.2 million to date) the SECRETS of how to sell product/s with his step-by-step Training using his proven Sales Funnel system.

Mark has put together a complete Training Membership site called ‘Funnel Franchise’.

Inside you will get;

  • Get your own hosted ‘Done-for-You Funnel Franchise’ system
  • Training on how to create a professional WordPress Blog
  • Training on the psychology of ‘Email Marketing’ and why it is so important
  • ‘Elite’ members get Free Traffic every week
  • Secrets of where to get massive Traffic in order to scale up your profits
  • Keep your own Leads (long-term asset)
  • Once joined the ‘Funnel Franchise’ system, you can multiply your profits  by earning additional streams of income
  • My lifetime support (Email & Skype)
  • My secret Traffic source where I made $827 sales from one campaign

Free – I am not sure how long this will last? So register now in the Funnel Franchise whilst it is FREE entry – see Video Presentation how it works, click here Sales Funnel Franchise  

Our Terms apply.

Stop Press (October 2018):

Funnel Franchise system - Lee's earnings $11,000 to date
Funnel Franchise system – Lee’s earnings $11,000 to date

See screenshot of within our Private Group where ‘Lee’ has earned over $11,000 to date since the start of the system. 



The ‘Funnel Franchise’ system is created by Mark Wightley

In writing this review, I want to start out with quoting the creator’s own words: –

“Hello it’s Mark Wightley here, today I want do a video review of a system I have that I am happy for you guys to have free access to. It’s called the Funnel Franchise system. It is a step-by-step Training system & Auto Funnel system. You literally get everything you need to start to build an online business & actually see results”.

I wish to make it clear, that I have joined the Funnel Franchise. I will give it a fair review of his membership site and to explain why I decided to work with Mark.

I wish I had had this kind of training when I first started deciding which internet business to go for. It’s so powerful to have the ability to pick the brains of a 7 figure Affiliate Marketer I firmly believe Mark has gone the extra mile by offering you the ability to join as free member initially. Once enrolled, you can upgrade to another membership level to get more commission from your sales. A ‘Franchise’ is an established business model that the creator has worked, established an administration system (computerisation) and has proven it to be successful (similar to the ‘McDonalds’ Franchise system).

Anyone wishing to join is given a 12 minute video presentation, click here now see the video presentation from Mark, on how the system works. Once registered, you can look into the site’s ‘Back Office’ and view the Training.

I don’t know of any other site that gives you so much training from the start of joining for Free.

The main objective of the business is to help you “earn while you learn”. The training is suitable for those who are, starting out on their online career, or right up to the experienced marketers. Mark wants everyone to be able to earn monthly recurring passive income.

How does it work?

The site itself becomes a membership site accessed by visitors only who have seen Mark’s introduction video.  You must be introduced by an existing member so that you can register. The site becomes a training site for those wishing to learn Marketing.

  • It covers mainly; how to set up a professional ‘WordPress’ Blog (43 videos) (WordPress is the most popular choice for a Blog),
  • How to capture email addresses,
  • Email marketing (11 videos) etc. and supported by
  • PDFs,
  • Traffic sources,
  • Tracking software and
  • Emailing software.

The main products recommended by Mark are the email capture software (Landing pages) Email marketing (AutoResponders), WordPress Hosting, WordPress Blog Theme (appearance & features), WordPress Plugins (specific software apps that Mark uses) & Tracking analysis software (records the results from each campaign).

A clever aspect of the membership site is the integrated affiliate products. There are links to essential products required to run an online business. And the selling is done for you.

Additionally, when your own members make sales, you receive 15% of their income. This is called “2nd tier” commissions. This amount can build up over time and be quite lucrative.

When you join, you get the whole Funnel Franchise System built with the website hosting all provided Free of Charge.

How much can you earn?

Free member

Commission earnings (2nd October 2018);

After seeing Mark’s Introduction, you need to register by creating a username & password.

Then you can enter the membership site and automatically become a free member.

This will ensure you get your affiliate link in order to earn commissions.

As a ‘FREE REGISTERED’ member you earn 10% commission on Elite membership’s sold ($397) so you earn $39.70 for each member.

Plus you can earn affiliate commissions on up to 7 affiliate programs mentioned within the membership.

An Upgraded Elite member

As an ‘Elite’ member, it costs $397 fixed price, or $47 per month for 10 months.

Elite members earn 80% commissions of $397 Elite memberships =  $317.60 (or $37 monthly for 10 months)

And you earn $500 if the member enrols in the Coaching package training.

So total potential to earn from 1 member is $817 ($317 Elite membership + $500 Coaching training)

Plus 15% commission on the sales of your members (called ‘Tier 2 sales’),

Plus you can earn affiliate commissions on up to 7 affiliate programs mentioned in the membership.

(2nd October 2018) The benefits as an ‘Elite’ member are listed below;

  • You go from 10% to 80% commissions (= $317.60), instantly.
  • You activate 15 % Tier 2 commissions.
  • You get $500 Coaching commissions + 7 passive incomes.
  • You get 5 Funnels pre-built and ready to go.
  • Detailed step by step Email Marketing Training..
  • Extremely detailed step by step Blog Creation Training..
  • Weekly Traffic supplied
  • Detailed Traffic Training for both free and paid traffic..
  • Access to quality paid Traffic Packs – Mark’s personal vendors
  • Ready to go Promotional Material
  • Access to a private member’s ‘Facebook’ Group.
  • Personal Priority Support so you get answers fast.
  • Access to all Mark’s Products plus all future products.
  • The Push Notification list method – Full training.
  • Landing Page & Funnel Creation training.
  • Advanced Traffic & Tracking training.
  • Monthly updates & additional Training… PLUS more”
  • Weekly commissions paid through ‘PayPal’

How much can you earn?

Earnings examples are;

A Free member who sells 2 x Elite memberships

And an Elite member who sells 2 x Elite memberships

And an Elite membership who sells a Coaching package

Equals total earnings = $2,167 per week or per month depending on how successful you are.

Plus 15% income of all of the commissions your members make.

Plus you can earn affiliate commissions on up to 7 Affiliate programs mentioned in the membership.

The main objective is to earn PASSIVE MONTHLY EARNINGS through these Affiliate programmes.

Mark shows in the introduction video that he has made over $300,000 in 3 months in Affiliate marketing.

What is the Long-Term Earnings possibility?

For a more detailed video on the long-term earnings possibilities see this video then fill out the form and register (Free of charge) then view the 1st video called “Watch this Important Video – Discover how you can Instantly Increase your Income ” 1st video in the member’s area.

The 7 integrated Affiliate programs cover commissions available to earn on; Domain names, Autoresponders, Website Page Builders, Tracking software and a paid Traffic membership site etc.

You get to keep all the leads that go into your Autoresponder.  As you become more proficient at marketing you can run your own Affiliate Marketing campaigns in the future. So you could multiply your earnings over time.

Mark’s Training Approach & Attitude

Mark has an excellent temperament and approach in his training videos. He speaks clearly, with great authority and experience. Also, in my follow up queries with him he was extremely helpful (on a problem I had with WordPress, he even offered to go into my blog settings and make the necessary changes for me).

Your Opportunity

You will find that the problem with most business opportunities is getting the Marketing right. You would think it is just getting the Traffic to the site? No not so! Mark makes it easy by explaining all the different aspects. He shows you in the videos an ‘over your shoulder’ type video training. It is very step-by-step, and I believe it is the easiest way to learn.

Mark must have spent hours and hours creating these videos, PDFs and Case studies etc.

He states that his programing costs alone for the system were well over $3,000.

How did I first come into contact with Mark Wightley?

I first knew of Mark when I bought his Email Marketing course. You need some software to capture the visitor’s email addresses (‘Landing’ or ‘Capture’ page) and the software to send them emails out (an Autoresponder). Then what you need is the right way to treat your subscribers, what to say and when to send out emails to promote various products. Mark’s course was excellent and I could see he was experienced and successful at this form of marketing.

My chat with Mark

Mark lives in the New South Wales area of Australia and is married with 4 children.

I was curious about his system and I wanted to know more.

So I arranged to have a chat with him. We spent 50+ minutes on the phone together. What I found was that he is a caring and passionate man that wants to help the small businessman.

He explained that he knew his funnel system worked. He then said to his students exactly how to set up the funnel and how to promote it. The problem was they couldn’t do the technical stuff, like get a domain name, link it up to an email capture page, do all the graphics and publish it on the Internet. So that’s when Mark decided to build the funnel himself and host it (connect it to the Internet) at his own cost. He would then give each student a copy of the same funnel.

Who am I?

I am David Jubb, and have been working online in Internet Marketing for about 14 years now. I like the marketing of digital products and related software. My last major campaign was working with Sarah Star in Affiliate Marketing and it made me sales of $827. It promoted Sarah’s own Sales Funnel which offered 5 free videos explaining how Affiliate Marketing worked and how to promote it; click here if you would like to study it.

For more details about myself, see my ‘About Me’ page on this Blog.


The unique feature of this opportunity is to be able to get commissions as a FREE member = $39.70 per member plus with affiliate commissions promoted within the membership site.

You get a complete Sales Funnel built & hosted for you.

Upgraded members to ‘Elite’ get the fantastic possibility of  15% ‘2nd tier’ sales of your member’s sales.

Mark’s Training videos are excellent.

I consider the value of this training is worth $5,000.

The Private members ‘Facebook’ group contains active and friendly members.

Commission payments are made through ‘Paypal’ on a weekly basis.

I have not heard of any member complain about a delay in payment.

I can thoroughly recommend this opportunity as it is very professionally laid out and clearly explained. Integration with possible affiliate commission earnings and 2nd tier member earnings makes this a very lucrative Internet opportunity.

The whole package is made outstanding by Mark’s dedication in providing the training based on his success in the Internet Marketing field. And as he told me personally ‘the whole system he created was because he wanted the small businessman to succeed online without having to pay out $1,000’s to get started’.

To view Mark’s video click here.


David Jubb

Funnel Franchise Elite Member

October 2018

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