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David Jubb

As the Author of this Website, my name is David Jubb. I have 2 sons, Philip & Christopher. My sons have their own homes, and I am very happy and fortunate to have 2 grandsons.

My Business background was completed mainly in the world of Purchasing and Stock Control; now called by the fashionable word as “Supply Chain Management” or “Logistics”. If you work in the Manufacturing Industry, it’s called “Just in Time Management”  pioneered by the Japanese Car Industry. I worked for General & Industrial Paints, IBM UK, Zoom Television, SONY UK & Marconi Defence Systems as a professional Buyer.

I live in Littlehampton which is on the South Coast of England in the beautiful county of West Sussex. Notable landmarks are; Arundel Castle, Goodwood House, Goodwood Race Course, The Rolls Royce Motor Car Factory, Chichester Cathedral, Festival Theatre Chichester and Fishbourne Roman Palace (Chichester).

Littlehampton – River Arun, Amusements & Beach

David Jubb in Littlehampton
Yacht on River Arun, Littlehampton
Littlehampton Beach
Playing in the sea and on the beach at low tide at Littlehampton
Randy Gage
David Jubb with Randy Gage in Florida USA

I have been online since 2004. My Mentor is the famous Randy Gage USA, see “Randy Paul Gage” on Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Paul_Gage). He is famous for his promotion of the concept of “Attraction Marketing”. He is has become an expert in “Network Marketing” as well as producing many Books & Information products on Amazon (search ‘Randy Gage Books’), both offline and online.

In 2005 I worked with Randy Gage, Ford Saeks & Joshua Shafran on an ‘Information Entrepreneur’ Workshop 5 day Training Course on the subject of Internet Marketing held in Orlando, Florida, USA. Randy has worked for many companies as a Management Consultant and helped them improve their Marketing and increased their profits many times over. I was struck by his magnetic personality. 

 Mark Anastasi

Mark Anastasi and David Jubb
Mark Anastasi with David Jubb

In 2013 I attended an Internet Marketing Mastermind Conference in London with Mark Anastasi. He is a worldwide Speaker and known as ‘The Laptop Millionaire’. He is the famous author of the New York Times bestseller publication ‘The Laptop Millionaire’. His book contains 32 proven strategies for making money from home using nothing but a laptop and an Internet connection, and his book has sold over 100,000 copies. Mark has also been featured in ‘USA Today’ & ‘Wall Street Journal’.

Mark Anastasi with fellow student Dianne
Mark Anastasi with fellow student Dianne

Gunnar Kessler

David Jubb with Gunnar Kessler (red shirt) and fellow students
David Jubb with Gunnar Kessler (red shirt) and fellow students

Gunnar Kessler is a 7 figure earner and known as the ‘Traffic Expert to the Gurus’. In 2013 I attended Gunnar’s ‘Traffic Mastermind’ course. His expertise is in Paid Traffic.


Sarah Staar

Sarah Staar & David Jubb
With Sarah Staar at the ‘London Lunch’

 I have been working with Sarah for about 5 years now as a ‘Licensed Affiliate Partner’ selling her products online. I get private tutoring mainly in Internet Marketing and specifically in the how to ‘Make Money Online’ niche market. I have given a video testimonial for her at one of her courses which is now online and for sale.

She is regarded as one of the most successful woman Internet marketer in the UK today. I have studied many of her Internet Marketing courses. I have also attended several of her courses.

Sarah is married. Until recently she lived on the south coast of England but has now moved to France. And she told me recently she is also looking to buy a house in London to be near her mother.

If you like to know more about Sarah and Affiliate Marketing, she has an excellent Free video course on Affiliate Marketing – click here to apply for.
See Sarah’s blog https://www.sarahstaar.com/

Mark Wightley

 Mark Wightley & familyI work mainly with Mark Wightley now (From June 2018).

Mark lives in the New South Wales area of Australia and is married with 4 children. I first knew of Mark when I bought his Email Marketing course. You need some software to capture the visitor’s email addresses (‘Landing’ or ‘Capture’ page) and the software to send them emails out (an Autoresponder) to follow up with them.

Then you need the correct way to treat your subscribers, what to say and when to send out emails to promote various products. Mark’s course was excellent and you could see he was experienced and successful at this form of marketing.

He then introduced me to his ‘Funnel Franchise’ system. I was curious about his system and I wanted to know more. So I arranged to have a chat with him. We spent 50+ minutes on the phone together. What I found was that he is a caring and passionate man that wants to help the small businessman start-up & be successful. He said he wanted the start-up costs to be minimal for all his students.  

 He explained that he knew his funnel system worked. He then said to his students exactly how to set up the funnel and how to promote it. The problem was they couldn’t do the technical stuff, like get a domain name, link it up to an email capture page, do all the graphics and publish it on the Internet. So that’s when Mark decided to build the funnel himself and host it (connect it to the Internet) at his own cost. He then gave each student a copy of the same funnel.

He called it a ‘Franchise’ because we are copying a ‘proven system.’

Let Mark & myself help you to create your Online Busines via a Free Step-by-Step Video Training. Just follow along with the videos and learn about Sales Funnels, Lead Capture and Email Marketing follow-up software. All explained for the ‘Newbie’ and with direct access to Mark Wightley. 

Enrol see the short introduction video, and create a user name (best something like davidjubb) and your own password;

Register ‘Funnel Franchise 3.0’ for FREE (no credit card required)
Click and See how Mark explains the new 3.0 system


Tyson Zahner

I am also working with the 7 figure Super Affiliate ‘Tyson Zahner’ in his ‘Inner Circle’ Masterclass membership

Kevin Fahey 

I am very happy to be coached by Kevin. His specialist subject is Email Marketing. A little bit of info about Kevin. He is an online millionaire, he is Irish and as he told me he is living now in a very ‘Sunny Climate’.


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