Training Module One

Day 1: How To Find a PROFITABLE Market

This Is Part 1 of Your FREE Training Series

“How To Find a PROFITABLE Market You’re PASSIONATE About & Make a Full Time Passive Income From”


In today’s training, I’m going to show you how to find a EXTREMELY profitable market you can build an entire business around.

But the BEST part is, we’re going to build an ENTIRE business that revolves around what you’re passionate and knowledgeable about.

When you do this, you’re gonna LOVE what you do, your passion will resonate in your work, and as a result, you’re going to attract MORE people and make MORE sales.

Part 1: Brainstorming Ideas

Right then, the first thing we need to do is get a pen and A4 paper.

We then need to draw a line down the middle – from top to bottom.

And at the top of each side I want you to write “Knowledges” and “Passions”.

Here’s a pic to give you an idea of what I mean:

Done that? Cool.

What I want you to do now is write down every single thing you’re somewhat knowledgeable about.

Now the keyword here is “somewhat” so I don’t expect you to be an authority, expert or a Guru on the subject.

So anything you’ve dabbled in the past, write it down – no matter how obscure or weird it is.

And don’t be too broad either…

For example, if you’re into sport, don’t just write down “sport”, write down which sport you’re into.

Stuff like:
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
Another example is “computers” as it’s way too broad.

So once again, drill down to specifics like:
  • Gaming
  • Photoshop
  • Fixing Computers
  • Video creation/editing
  • Overclocking
You get me? Cool.

Anyway, to give you some ideas, I’ve wrote down some of the stuff I’m knowledgeable about:
  • Running
  • Dieting
  • Gaming
  • Photoshop
  • Bricklaying
  • Fixing Computers
  • Video Creation/Editing
  • Bodybuilding
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Overclocking
Now what we to do is fill out the “Passions” column with everything you’re passionate about.

You know, stuff you do in your spare time, like your hobbies and what you generally enjoy doing in life.

Once again, take a juicy gander at what I’ve wrote down to get an idea of what you can put down yourself:
  • Running
  • Gaming
  • Fixing Computers
  • Video Creation/Editing
Once you’ve filled out your “knowledges” and “Passions”, what we’re looking at here are basically potential markets you can enter.

Now the trick here is to find a market that appears in BOTH your “Knowledges” and “Passions” columns.

If you’ve got a market that appears in both columns, then congratulations… You’ve found a potential market you’re knowledgeable AND passionate about!

And believe me, this is going to make your life A LOT easier, I’m tellin’ ya.

Like I said before – when you can enter a market you’re knowledgeable AND passionate about, it’ll give you a massive head-start as you’re already knowledgeable on the subject.

Also, your passion will resonate in the content you create – and as a result – you’ll attract MORE people to your business and make more sales and commissions with a lot less effort too.

Now this is awesome and everything… But is it a profitable market?

Well, before I get to that, I need to cover a small hurdle some you maybe facing…

What To Do If No Markets Showed Up In Both Columns?

So no market showed up in both columns, huh?

If so, it’s no problem.

In fact, there’s a few things we can do to easily fix this issue.

Here’s What You Can Do:

1. Did you try hard enough when brain-storming ideas for your “knowledge” and “passions” columns?

Generally, people put minimum effort into this and miss out on tons of ideas as a result.

Don’t be that person!

So go back and brain-storm more ideas – no matter how weird or strange they are… One of them could be a wildly profitable market.

2. If you gave no:1 all you got and still nothing appeared in your “knowledge” and “passions” columns, then simply pick one from any column and move onto the next part.

At the end of the day, I just want you to find a market you’re
knowledgeable AND passionate about.

Like I keep saying, it’ll make your life a lot easier, that’s all.

But if that’s not the case, then we can just work with what we’ve got on your list, instead.

Anyway, moving on…

Part 2: Yeah But… Is It a Profitable Market?

So you’ve found something you’re knowledgeable and passionate about.

And hey, that’s awesome, but the big question is… Is it a profitable market?

After all, you don’t want to waste your time in a market, only to find out there’s no money to be made.

So what we need to do is to “qualify” the market to see whether it’s profitable or not.

Now we’re gonna use a system I like to call the “yes” system.

And basically the more “yeses” you get… The MORE profitable the market is.

If this sounds brain-dead simple to you, that’s because it is 🙂

Anyway, here’s what you’ve got to do.

Step 1: Affiliate Networks

One of the best ways to gauge the profitability of a market is through affiliate networks.

Now before we do this – some affiliate networks tend to unintentionally cater for different markets.

So what do I mean, exactly?

Well, some affiliate networks tend to cater more for “internet marketing” related products.

You know, courses on how to make money online, SEO and stuff like that.

So if you’re researching to see whether any of those kinda markets are profitable, then the best affiliate networks are these ones:
There’s more, but that’s more than enough to get you going.

Now if you’re going into a more traditional market, then would be your best bet.

Now when I say “traditional” market, anything vaguely related to:
  • Weight loss
  • Bodybuilding
  • Fishing
  • Gardening
  • Seduction
  • Getting your ex back
  • Anything “computer” related
  • DIY how-to courses
  • Gambling
  • Anything “sport” related
  • Dieting
  • Cooking
Basically, everything except anything “internet marketing” related, really.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, and you know which affiliate network to do your research in, here’s how to find out whether your market is profitable or not.

First up, head over to the affiliate network that caters to your market.

Then look for the following:

1. Do they sell products related to your market?

2. If yes, how many? (the more products sold on the network, the more profitable the market is)

3. Have new products been added recently? (The more recent, the better)

And that’s it, but what we’re looking for, is a big, thriving market, where people are making money everyday selling this kind of information.

So the bigger and more thriving the market… The more profitable it is.

Now after all that, you’re probably thinking…

“Isn’t There Going To Be Tons of Competition?”

And yes, you’d be right, but here’s the thing…

The MORE competition in the market… The MORE profitable the market is.

Look, I know this flies in the face to what every other marketer tells you.

But get this, right…

These marketers don’t even follow their own advice – otherwise they wouldn’t be selling in the “internet marketing” niche as it’s one of the most competitive niches, out there.

So don’t listen to people who don’t follow their own advice!

Secondly, These are PROVEN markets where people WANT to invest in products – hence all the competition.

So don’t be afraid of competition, and instead, learn to love and embrace it…

Trust me, it’ll pay off MASSIVELY in the long run 😉

Anyway, we’re derailing a bit here – lets get back on track.

Another way of finding out if your market is profitable, is using what I like to call…

Step 2: The Dummies’ Method

Who’d a thought you would be listening to a dummy for marketing advice, eh.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to do here

Let me explain….

Have you ever seen those books?

You know, the “Dummies” ones?

They have a ton of books called “The Dummies Guide To _____”.

Well, despite their name, these guys know what they’re doing – especially when it comes to market research.

You see, it costs thousands to:
  • Research topic
  • Hire writers
  • Manufacture thousands of the books
  • Publishing deals
…And this is before they’ve made a single cent!

So dummies – when they bring out a new book – they’ve got to make sure there’s a big demand and people are willing to pay for that kinda information in that market.

Otherwise, they’ll lose thousands – maybe millions.

And I don’t think Dummies are in business to lose money, do you.

So how can we use Dummies to find profitable markets, eh?

Well, it’s mind-blowingly easy to do.

Basically, if they’ve got a book on your market subject… Then that’s a massive indicator that it’s a wildly profitable market.

So all you’ve got to do is:

1. Head over to

2. Put in your market keyword like fishing, bodybuilding, weight loss etc in the search bar.

3. Then see if they’re selling physical books on the subject.

If yes, that’s awesome…

This is another indicator your market is indeed profitable.

Okay, if you’ve done that, then I have some good news…

You’ve Completed Today’s Training

You know what, give yourself a BIG ‘pat on the back ‘ because you deserve it.

But hey, it doesn’t end there either…

In tomorrow’s FREE training, we’ll be continuing to build your business online.

So we’ve found you a market to build your business in, we now need to get you an offer to make money from.

So in tomorrow’s FREE training, you’ll discover:
  • How to target the MOST profitable segment of your market that will make you the MOST money with the LEAST effort.
  • How to find the HIGHEST converting offers in your market so you make MORE money with LESS traffic.
  • How to find products that pay the HIGHEST commissions so you can sell LESS but still have HUGE paydays.
It’s really POWERFUL stuff and I think you’ll like it when you see it, in fact 🙂