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‘MAKE $1000 PER MONTH OR MORE’ ON AUTO- PILOT SYSTEM THAT MAKES SALES (plus Bonus – Free 140 page Marketing Roadmap)

Hello, we have a system that has made sales of $9,000 in one week (ref MB) with the assistance from experienced members, but we say that a target figure figure of $1,000 per month is reasonable when starting out with us.

How would a $1,000 help with your finances?

So, how does it work and how do we achieve it?

David Jubb on Worthing Pier
David Jubb on Worthing Pier, West Sussex, England  August 2023

Hi, my name is David Jubb (from England)

The company I am promoting is called ‘Get Fearless Freedom’

How does it work?

‘Get Fearless Freedom’ is an Internet Marketing company and the company uses a unique software to gather leads and convert them into Sales. It promotes a computer system and our expertise in Marketing on the Internet.

One recent new member made $3,500 in 21 days (ref TT).

The whole system is explained in our CLICK HERE  7 minute‘Las Vegas’ video

View it here

Welcome and thank you for looking into our online opportunity

Why should you join me?

I know how to run profitable email campaigns. Here is a screenshot of the profit made by using paid traffic (made $827) which took about a week.

Source ‘Infusionsoft’

I am here to assist you in learning more about the company. Additionally, we have a weekly ‘Zoom Conference’ call where you can ask questions directly to the owners of the company.

Now, you will have some idea how we operate. I can assure that we do everything in our power to help you succeed to the level where you will have confidence in your marketing ability and become ‘Fearless’!


I have been online for about 20 years now, so I can help in all aspects of Internet Marketing, including how to get leads to your opportunity (that can be another company or promoting ‘Get Fearless Freedom’ itself)


Whichever your choice I am here to support you.


I will be sending you an email follow-up series giving you more and more details about this opportunity.


Also a bonus, I have arranged with Rob Cornish to supply you an exclusive free-of-charge (just pay for the post & packing to your home) underground Marketing Roadmap called ‘Passive Income with Affiliate Marketing’ (140 pages Book).


Rob explains how he makes a full-time living as an Affiliate Marketer. His training will help you to understand the theory behind the ‘Get Fearless Freedom’ marketing system and how you can make additional income with it

Obtain Rob’s ‘Passive Income’ Book here


Please contact me if you have any questions.


David Jubb

South Coast England UK


Any questions or comments – email me at ‘’

Phone or text me UK 44+ 079309 80230

Facebook search ‘david.Jubb.from Rustington’ (and for Messenger)


Please see our CLICK HERE  7 minute ‘Las Vegas’ video.

Legal notice: If a sale is made of any of these or related products, we may receive a commission.

Once a company License is purchased with full resale rights, the buyer may resell the system, including the respective Licenses, over and over agin.

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